editor is a simple UML editor built around the online PlantUML rendering service that generates UML diagrams from text.

I developed this little web application because I got weary of the PlantText offer, which sprinkles online adds all over its web page. Also, I plan to add features that increase its usefulness. It’s not my intention to promote my own app, but if you happen across it, feel free to use it.

Currently, I typically used it for diagrams that I insert into Confluence pages at work. To save a copy of the text that generated the diagram, I add a Source macro beneath the diagram. This preserves the text, and since Confluence auto-collapses the text, it’s not cluttering the page too much.

I will probably add more features soon:

  • Add buttons for quickly inserting my template beginnings of the diagram types I use most often.
  • Save diagrams and their source text in a folder hierarchy on my server.
  • Share diagrams as PNG files from my webserver for easy embedding in documents.

If you’re a developer, and am interested in how I designed this little web application, read the solution architecture document. All the diagrams in the document are created with editor.