Architecturally significant use cases:

Use caseDescriptionConsequences
SimulateThe app opens up in the simulation window and the user enters factors and runs a simulation.

When signed in, the user can manage the account, and sign out.

When signed in, and the email is verified, the user can save, open and delete saved files, and increase the number of scenarios in simulations.
Sign in or create accountThe sign in/create account window.

The user signs in or creates an account, which needs to be verified before the simulation can be opened later.
Verify emailThe user receives an email and clicks on a link in it, which opens the app on a page that confirms that the email is verified.
Manage accountThe user can edit name and email address.

A new email address needs to be verified to replace the old one.

The user can close and delete the account.

The user can start a subscription to keep the account open beyond the trial expiration.
Manage filesThe user can open and delete saved files.
Sign outThe user can sign out.
MonitorThe admin can see current and past activity in the system.

The admin can analyze the system’s past capacity and performance.
ControlThe admin can allow never-ending trial duration on all or selected active accounts.

The admin can enforce an expiration period on active accounts.