Detailing outlined elements is a necessity to making them ready for development. Therefore, the detail phase only exists to prepare details for the first iteration in the subsequent build phase.

Usually just one, which is enough to make the first features ready for development in the (first iteration of) build phase.


Project plan

In addition to general refinements the risk and problem lists should be updated.

Iteration plan

Detail the necessary activities and required resources.


Add new term definitions as soon as you encounter them.

Solution architecture

As the project gets ready to enter the build phase it’s time to complete the document as far as it’s possible to provide the best possible basis for the developers, designers, writers and testers.


Write content that describes how to use the features being developed in this iteration.

Test case

Write test cases for the features being developed in this iteration.


Continuously refined as more business rules are revealed in the course of detailing business processes and use cases.

Business process

Detail the business processes that will utilize the first features that will be released in the first iteration in the build phase.

Use case

Detail the use cases that will be developed in the first iteration in the build phase.

Release notes

Write release notes for any releases made in this phase. Since this phase details the first use cases, any releases in this phase are most likely to be focused on verifying technology choices and release capabilities.



Iteration report

Finish the phase with an iteration report that lists achievements and lessons learned.