The software is in its early stage of development...

glv is short for go-live. It helps projects develop and execute complex go-live plans for starting up new systems and shutting down old ones they’re replacing.

As an architect, I’m ofte responsible for developing and overseeing the go-live event or assisting a colleague who’s been tasked with the responsibility.

The traditional approach is the create a spreadsheet that lists the necessary tasks in the proper sequence. However, spreadsheets aren’t ideal. Therefore, I’ve set out to build a web application that makes the job easier.


  • Collaborative development of go-live plans
    This dictates that the system is a web-based application running in all current webbrowsers.
  • Define phases of the go-live in accordance with the overall project plan
    Most projects decide on a target go-live date early on. It’s useful to divide the go-live work into phases to better determine how to best utilize the available time and estimate whether each phase can be adequately completed to warrant moving to the next phase.
  • Identify key activities pertaining to the upcoming go-live
    It’s usually easy to gather information about necessary activities leading up to, during and following the go-live event. And it’s more efficient to then break down activities into tasks with an assigned expert.
  • Schedule and assign tasks throughout the phases
    Detail and assign tasks and estimate how long they’ll take to complete. Define dependencies and latest start and finish time.
  • Track progress and detect delays during intense phases
    Specify when to start and finish tasks. As time passes, flag tasks that haven’t started on time.



The company creates an account and one or more users, the first of which starts with administrator privileges. An account can be used to create any number of plans.


The first user created starts out with administrator privileges, which allows inviting other new users to join the account. Users can then be connected to activities, tasks and be assigned to performing them in the intended phases. Users can also leave comments to plans, activities, phases, tasks and assignments.


Users leave comments to contribute to detailing of the plan, and to mention problems and progress as the tasks are ongoing.


Users create plans for managing go-live events.