uml is a simple UML editor built around the online PlantUML rendering service that generates UML diagrams from text.

I developed this little web application because I got weary of the PlantText offer, which sprinkles online adds all over its web page. Also, I plan to add features that increase its usefulness. It’s not my intention to promote my own app, but if you happen across it, feel free to use it.

uml doesn’t offer to save your text. Instead, do two things when your diagram is finished:

  • Right-click on the diagram image, and save the PNG file locally.
  • Click on the copy text tool button, and paste the source text into any kind of document you can save locally.

    When I import my saved PNG diagrams into Confluence pages, I add an Expand field directly under the imported image. In the Expand field, I add a Code field. In the Code field, I paste in the copy of the diagram source text.

    When embedding diagrams in web pages, I place the source text in an accordion under the image

    This technique keeps the source close to the rendered diagram, and ensures it gets saved along with the diagram and any surrounding text.