Development process

A development process standardizes the workflow and work products involved in designing, building, testing and implementing controlled changes in business operations.

In the past, development processes have focused on software development, but developing software isn’t a goal in itself. The goal is to improve business capabilities. This means establishing new processes, improving existing processes and sometimes eliminating redundant processes, which acquiring standard software or developing software can contribute to.

Making changes in business operations requires planned and coordinated work in multiple disciplines. Traditionally, a plan has been drawn up after a waterfall model by managers, but this has been proven unsuitable for this kind of work. Instead, an iterative and incremental approach using appropriate tools and work product templates is recommended.

Outline a series of themed sprints that focus on achieving incremental results towards the scheduled release date. Each sprint should result in concrete work products:

A soon as an idea for a project is suggested, start creating a project plan. It guides the idea development and makes it easier to decide whether to initiate the project or not. If a project is started, the project plan helps organize things quickly. If the idea is dropped, just archive the project plan.