Test plan

The test plan explains the approach to testing the solution but doesn’t detail the exact testing tasks and steps.



Summarize the situation from a testing perspective. Is the testing activities on track? Are executed tests passed?

Test strategy

Explain how the solution will be tested. Ideally, confirm that testing will focus on processes rather than on fragmented functionality.

Revision history


As the project passes major milestones, remove intermediate update revisions to keep the revision history manageable.


Present identified challenges and explain what is being done to mitigate them. Often encountered challenges are:

  • Some features may be difficult to cover without using GDPR data.
  • Some integrated systems may lack support for participating in testing, which can reduce overall coverage.
  • Test environments may be shared with other projects and department, which shortens available time slots and possibly reduces coverage.



Introduce tools for planning, executing and reporting results.

Test processes

Explain key test processes.

  • Report bug.
  • Process bug.

Add key test processes.

Best practices

Describe best practices for working with testing.

  • Reporting and discussing bugs.
  • Daily standups.

Add additional best practices.

Test environment

Specify the test environments and all its technical details (IP-addresses, ports, server names, security features etc.

Various tests are often executed in different environments that represent stages between development and production. Describe the environment setup for each stage.

Test data

Explain principles for generating appropriate and compliant test data.

Describe how test data is generated – and regenerated in preparation for each test run.


Most projects need to execute various types of tests, each with a specific focus:

  • Integration test
  • Functional test
  • Performance and capacity test
  • Disaster and recovery test

Describe each of the planned tests as follows:

Test title and objectives

Name the test and summarize its objectives.

Schedule and ressource allocation

Specify when the test is scheduled to be run.

Also, specify which ressources are allocated to each scheduled test run. Ressources are human testers, tools, test data, test environments and technical support staff.

Processes and test cases

List the processes that are being tested in this test. Some technical tests like integration tests and performance and capacity tests aren’t directly relatable to processes, but functional and disaster and recovery tests are.

Preparation and cleanup

Specify how to prepare the test environment for the test, including how to generate test data and how to remove all traces of the test afterwards.

Acceptance criteria

Specify the criteria for accepting test results. This can be a maximum number of allowed low-priority bugs etc.