List technologies that have impact on the architecture. Most often I end up listen server software in the infrastructure and available development and testing software.

I recommend that this chapter contains a table with the following columns:

TechnologyDescriptionReferencesDesign notes
SmarterASP.NETServer hosting provider.The solution requires an active subscription to keep the server application running.
DevExtremeUser interface component library.The web application is coded in C# and JavaScript.
RiderDevelopment tool.Building and maintaining the solution requires an active subscription.

In some projects, the architect gets to pick the technologies, in others they are dictated by the available infrastructure setup.

I often find it necessary to explain how some infrastructure technologies require unwelcome trickery in the design, leading to increased development time and higher cost of ownership. And I make an effort to explain said trickery at length, sometimes resulting in quite long commentary because it strengthens my rationale for corresponding design decisions, which may seem unnecessary at first glance.